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Mike Rodriguez -  Mike Rodriguez started taking classes at La Salsa De Hoy Dance Studio in May 2000 with Carlos Vasquez as his instructor. After 7 months Mike continued his salsa instruction with Ray Colon for another  year. 

After this Mike formed his dance team Latin Reflections where he continued learning. In 2003 Mike was asked to teach at La Salsa De Hoy. At LaSalsaDeHoy Mike added to and organized the turn patterns and developed them into a curriculum of turn patterns that now include over 100 turns. Mike also added over 50 shines to La Salsa De Hoy's menu of shines.

Mike keeps La Salsa De Hoy's curriculum of turns and shines fresh, current, and dynamic keeping aware of current trends in the scene via social dancing. 

In addition to salsa, Mike has also choreographed and performed bachata routines with Latin Reflections and teaches a three month bachata cycle at La Salsa de hoy where he teaches 35 bachata shines and 20 awesome turn patterns.






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