Latin Reflections


  Below is a sample of some of our performances.  

Dia Y Noche Social 2019

Lily Diaz Young Ambition Fundraiser 2018

SOS Social 2018

Las Chicas Locas 2015

Latin Reflections Anniversary July 2014

Rehearsal for Latin Reflections Anniversary Social 2014

Showtime at Latin Reflections 13th Anniversary


Salsa Union Social 2014


 Farafina Social July 2014


Pura Vida Social 2013

SOBs 2013

SOBs  2012


Club Cache 2011

Latin Reflections at CT Salsa Fest  - 2011

United Dance Studios 2011


Latin Reflections / Signatura Dancers Collaboration 2011


  Joel Salsa Project 2010

Performance - Joel Dominguez Salsa Project


Connecticut Salsa Fest 2010

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Latin Reflections Socials - Come Dance the World!